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New Story –

Hi everyone! I’ve got a new story called ……… . I need help naming it! HELP! Anyway, it’s in early stages and I’m warning you that I do not know my politics so don’t judge! 😀

“After you, my dear chap!” exclaimed Oscar. The two wealthy businessmen were just about to enter the living room and discuss matters evolving around the possibility of the two companies merging to create one.
Gordon opened the door and retired to a large leather armchair and started pouring the tea that was kindly made for them. Oscar sat down and started talking about how this would be an advantage to their companies. “We have worked very hard to get our companies to the standard that they are. So this will be a very big change.” Oscar explained. “I know… I can see some advantages but also, as there will always be, some disadvantages. Such as we would be stronger as a company and have more wealth but we would have to see what the public would think.” Gordon said. The two companies, Jade Enterprises and Laurel Limited, were jewellery manufacturers for small and big retailers. The reason they were considering combining the two companies was that England was about to go into an economical crisis as the banks were keeping money that they shouldn’t so the goverment was losing money. England was about to go into recession!

New Story: Hello & Goodbye

Hello And Goodbye

I was just traveling back to England after three months on the Italian-French border in the mountains and the nearest TGV station was about two and a half hours away in Oulx. The village I was staying in was called Prazzo and had the most beautiful view of the Italian Alps. I was taking up camp in a chalet that my friends owned in the top half of the village surrounded by pine trees.

The chalet was very luxurious, more like a hotel than a family home. In the three months I was there, I went skiing nearly every day as I was staying from the beginning of November through to the end of January and we had a week in Rome which had to be a week because Rome was a seven hour drive away. When in Rome we stayed in a little hotel at the bottom of the Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Steps). We visited the Vatican City and the Colosseum. We also threw coins into the Fontana di Trevi. When we went to the Colosseum I was overwhelmed with the size of it. According to the travel leaflet it could seat more than 50,000 spectators. It is thought to be named after Emperor Nero’s enormous Statue of Colossus that was built near by.

On the way back from Rome we stopped for the night at a farm near Florence in Tuscany before driving back to the chalet.

Most mornings I had local grown fruits: strawberries, melons, grapes, figs, croissants and baguettes from the Panifico (a bakery) and sometimes breakfast skewers which were normally cooked peppers or onions and sweet Italian sausage. On colder days we had coffee or Hot Chocolate and Biscotti (a sweet hard biscuit).

Unfortunately the day had come to go back home and say goodbye to my close friends. We left at about seven o’clock to get to the train station on time as the train left at 10:30. The car’s boot was filled to the brim with luggage and souvenirs and was ready to go. I made a final sweep of the house to check if I had forgotten anything and then got in the car.

The journey to the station was very picturesque one because of the snow capped mountains covered in pine tree forests and there was literally no traffic on the road. In the car I played cards with my friend and lost because my friend was a lot better than me.Though I’ve played cards every night since I’ve been here I haven’t been able to beat him.

We finally reached the station after nearly three hours of driving. As we got out of the car, the heavens opened like the weather was as miserable as me because I was leaving the place that I had lived at for three months. Then I remembered a saying someone told me: “If you don’t leave, you’ll never be able to come back” and suddenly I felt a lot happier although the weather didn’t seem cheer up. Annoyingly, we didn’t bring any umbrellas as they would be very helpful at this time. So we braved the rain and grabbed the luggage as quick as possible and ran into the building. I now had an hour before the train arrived so we had some coffee at the little station café there.

Finally the train arrived and it was time for me to say my proper goodbyes to my friends. I got lots of hugs and kisses from everyone and then went to the platform to get on the train. Just before the train doors closed I called “addio ai miei amici!” and then the train started moving.

Chapter 2
The Journey

I had a long journey ahead of me. There was a 4 hour TGV journey to Paris and then I had to get the Eurostar to London, but luckily on all three trains I had my own compartment.

As the train left I was waving out the window to my friends thinking “I’ll be back soon!”. I kept waving until the train rounded the corner and the station disappeared from sight. I suddenly felt very relaxed and tired, so I dozed off.

When I woke up I had three hours until we got to Paris. We were just passing through Lyon, in the south-east of France, which we had a quick stop at to change trains. The rest of the journey wasn’t that eventful, as I was reading on my tablet for the remainder of the trip.

At last we came into Gare De Lyon (Lyon Station) in Paris. There was about 10 other platforms there. I was amazed at how many places they went to: Geneva, Nice, Bern, Montpellier. I stopped for a very late lunch or early dinner, which was delicious I must say. Then I got a cab to Gare De Nord (North Station) which took me past loads of different landmarks like The Louve Museum and I caught a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower peeking over the top of the buildings. The atmosphere was very different than than Prazzo, obviously! There was just loads of traffic and people everywhere. It took the cab 30 minutes just to travel 10 kilometres.


I have not finished it completely but I will soon. Please comment on how it is.

Zach 🙂

Goodbye Toronto by Z.T Everson



The wind whipped through Martin’s hair as he stood 1,851ft off the ground on top of the CN tower. A man with dark skin and hair stood in front of him, gun in hand. This man was Yoman Jkaviski and right now about seven miles above, orbiting around the earth was celebrity Nigel Bafhom’s shuttle on it’s last flight. Martin saw Yoman pull a remote from his pocket, this remote triggered a 3 mega-ton explosion of TNT which had such force to throw the shuttle out of orbit and come crashing down on Toronto, annihilating the city.

“If you dare come any closer Martin I will press this button!” Yoman shouted against the wind “You do realise if you do that you will not only destroy Toronto and me but it will also kill yourself!” Martin shouted back. “I don’t care! I hate my life! I hate everyone and everything so goodbye Martin, goodbye cruel world!” And in that instant he let go. His finger twitched nervously against the button.

Martin heard an enormous explosion and thought He’s done it… he actually did it, what happens now? Do I die… He looked up and the shuttle which was more of a fireball now rushing down to earth. He just sat there thinking and waiting What will it look like? I’m sorry Toronto… there is nothing I can do… or is there? Suddenly he remembered his phone. “Where’s the number… where is it?! 436… Is that it?! No! 289193 c’mon c’mon c’mon! Yes!” He thought out loud. “Initiate plan 3!”

A slightly metallic voice murmured on the other side. “ETA of 5 minutes” But will 5 minutes be a minute to late?

The shuttle continued hurtling down to earth, getting faster by the second. Ahead in the distance was a glimmer of light, shining from the sunlight. “ETA of 3 minutes.” the voice rang out. Now Martin could hear the faint drumming of the chopper, its blades slicing through the air as if it was a hot knife through butter. Suddenly it was upon him, combined with the gale force winds and the immense down-draught of the chopper, it felt like Martin was in the middle of a hurricane. A new voice called down “We got the package! We’re sending it down! Catch!” Martin caught it and pummelled through the flimsy wood. Inside was the backup plan: A rocket launcher. He hauled it on to his shoulder, aimed and fired…

The rocket hit. The explosion threw Martin back smashing against the elevator block.

“Fireworks! Mummy, Daddy look, look!”A little boy said excitedly. Meanwhile Martin stood there smiling wryly as he flew across Toronto.

Martin was bored. He was bored of school. He wanted another mission. Just then his phone beeped “Get to 29th street now!”…

Robots are invading my blog!!! (An introduction to LEGO Mindstorms)

The robot we're making.

The robot we’re making.

Robots are invading my blog! Me and my brothers (Tom & Jo) are using LEGO Mindstorms – a bit pricey, but it’s worth it! (it was to make a robot which actually works!) I’m the teacher today and I get to teach my teacher!

We will be programming the robot and making it walk, talk, play music and knocking  LEGO brick walls down. Here is a video of the frame of the robot and some of the components in making: